If you’re a small business, a startup, a freelancer or homeworker then if can often drive you to distraction with working from home or the same office over and over again staring at the same screen. And face facts how are you meant to expand your business and contacts while sitting there well there are a number of events across Liverpool and Merseyside or Liverpool City Region if you are so inclined to call it that.

Yes – there are business networking events out there for you and no we’re not talking about the get up at 6am and head to a hotel somewhere for sweaty hand pressing and card exchanging hard selling events. We’re not all built like that and actually look at those kind of events with a certain amount of horror. But we all realise that without input from other people we slowly slip into a form of bored madness from which we find it hard to emerge – No wonder when we see a friend we talk at 100 miles an hour and they edge away slowly.

If you recognise these traits as being you then there are some wonderful events out there for you – yes we are talking about Jelly – the informal networking, co-working or simply sitting in a coffee shop and having a chat over coffee while you are working events.

Jelly Wirral
Jelly Wirral has been running for over a year now and been meeting up regularly for monthly informal networking meetings.

Jelly Wirral are working with Liverpool Jelly and other Jelly organisers to provide monthly co-working and fun networking events for I.T. professionals and freelancers across Merseyside.

@JellyWirral is 10th September @ 4748limited. Book your Free coworking space now @ jellywirral.eventbrite.co.uk

Jelly Crosby
Takes place Wednesday Mid-Month follow @jelly Crosby for details  or check http://www.uk-jelly.org.uk/jelly/jelly-crosby/

If your not in any of these areas then travel or you can look for Jellys’ near you http://www.uk-jelly.org.uk/

Digital Events in Liverpool
If you are a digital sector business in Liverpool then you may well be looking for events where you can meet similar like minded people working in the digital sector – well look no further, the Liverpool Digital Events Calendar as there are numerous events taking place every month for you.


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