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We had a great session yesterday at Jelly Liverpool with people receiving, advice, digital business support and generally keen insights of a digital nature. Because it was so good we thought we would get a quick turn around time on the bookings for the next Jelly in November, 11 have gone since I posted it last night.

You can check the photos from yesterday’s Jelly Liverpool here on our Facebook Page and give it a LIKE while you are there.

Digital Business Support

It was great to see our freelancers in meetings and dishing out digital business support on site for a range of companies most notably a High Tech start-up. With the range of freelancers at Jelly there is always someone who can help you solve your business problem be they a web expert or designer, social media marketing consultant, trainer or  illustrator.

Cross Pollination

Jelly Liverpool has a range of people  that come along and although it is really there to help them to work together with the aim of bringing great minds together makes great projects happen. Cross pollination I believe it’s called.  Jelly is also a place that people and businesses come to to seek help with immediate problem, that is often given out at no cost.

We had a couple of Jellites yesterday walk out the door with a website commission and a new tech role. So not bad for a Thursday at a cafe on Bold Street.

We hope that you can make it along in November to our digital pop up office and encourage your friends to come along to – the more the merrier as far as we are concerned.

We are open from 9am til 5pm on 6th November at Leaf Cafe on Bold Street.

If you are a regular and you can think of ways that we can improve Jelly then please do let us know as we are keen to make it serve the community.

Jelly  is provided by How Why DIY cic and you can find out a bit more about us here and why not join up while you are there.

If you like Jelly remember there are other Digital Friendly events taking place every week across Liverpool, details in the Digital Events Calendar 


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