If you are then read on as Basecamp Liverpool are set to host a Freelancer Showcase for the Digital Creative sector. 

This is a perfect opportunity for Team Jelly.

The showcase will give you the perfect opportunity to meet fellow creatives, network and pitch your business and skills to potential companies looking to hire.

Who should attend?

Any Freelancer? Looking to gain opportunities

  •          Web and mobile application developers;
  •          SEO and viral marketers;
  •          IT systems specialists;
  •          Social media freelancers and agencies;
  •          Graphic artists and Design specialists;
  •          Games developers;
  •          Creative writers, copyrighters and editors;
  •          PR and media specialists; and
  •          Video, animation and music freelancers

So you ask who is behind this – well it’s Ray and Roy at Bascamp Liverpool, who have organised this and it’s hosted by Baltic Creative with the all important refreshments.

When we asked Roy when it was he said “Thursday, October 30, from 5:30 8:00” with booking via the link below

“Click me”

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