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Just when you thought you wouldn’t be seeing us again we are back for a short time only.

The next Jelly Liverpool will take place at FACTLab: a temporary workshop space at FACT designed to reveal the creative processes behind FACT’s exhibition and community engagement programmes.

Throughout the Summer, FACTLab has been hosting visiting artists, along with a series of workshops and skill-sharing events. Researchers, artists and technologists are also invited to use the space and produce new projects together.  I should know I’ve been doing a workshop there myself.

The usual rules apply, so there will be coffee, chat and I’m sure the artists running the space would be up for chatting about the works that are on show also. (I’ll post some photos later)

My exciting post on our Facebook page

It’s free and tickets are available. Hope you can make it along

Posted by Jelly Liverpool on Thursday, 16 July 2015


It’s the School holidays so this will give many of you a good excuse to get out of the house and get along for a bit of informal networking.

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