Thanks to everyone that was able to make it along to Jelly last week at FACTLab. It was great to see so many of you again even if it was mostly the backs of your heads as you were working so hard.

This has got to be the highlight of the day when most of us stopped working and had a go at moving shapes around on what felt like an Air Hockey table.

Thanks to Ed Pink for this awesome Vine.

We’ll be bringing you more Jelly sometime soon but thanks again to Thiago Hersan one of the Brazilian artists who is coordinating the FACTlab space for letting us gate crash for the day. And if any of you just want to pop in and see Thiago and have a chat about digital technology and the physical world he is back in the space from the 27th August.

There is this workshop which some of you may be able to make it to around the use of Sound in spaces so take a look if you are an audiophile.

And hopefully Jelly will be back sometime in September.


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