The next Jelly Liverpool will be finishing early but don’t go away – stay where you are for the Kin2Kin Thinking and Social Sessions.  From about 3.30 we will be closing Jelly or more likely handing it over to ACME so they can set up for their Kin2Kin sessions – but your invited to stay around for these but you will need to book.

The thinking session will focus on App’s, their development and uses. And after this session the room will quickly be handed over to the Social element.

You need to book for both – Booking Links Thinking Session Drinking – sorry Social Session

So it’s Jelly Liverpool from 9am – 3.30pm
ACME Thinking2 Session from 4.30- 5.30
Kin2Kin Social from 6pm

More details about the Thinking Session below.

Thinking Session

Does your brand have an app? What could an app do for your brand?  It could be a game, a new storefront or a way to assist your customers with your product.

The expansion and consumption of mobile platforms is growing exponentially. Coupled with creativity and the capabilities of technology, these days the possibilities are endless.

A few examples of effective use of mobile platforms include:

Starbucks have taken advantage of Apple’s new Passbook technology to allow their customers to pay for drinks via their phone and track when they’ll get their next free drink.

Rovio teamed up with NASA to develop Angry Birds Space. The demonstration trailer was filmed on the International Space Station.

CSL: The Sofa Specialists had an app developed by Liverpool based studio Apposing, which allows customers to browse, pay for and arrange delivery on their sofas.

The Nike+ suite of apps integrates with shoes, training equipment and games consoles to organise and score the user’s training regime.

Second in the series of thinking sessions, our panel of industry experts will discuss the advantages and pitfalls of using mobile technologies as part of audience development and engagement strategies.

Matt Martin, Editor of Games

Dave Brown, Apposing
Tim Difford, The Next Web
Adam Perry, Founder of BandApp

Thursday 15th November 2012
Leaf (upstairs)
Bold Street, L1 4EZ

This event is free but registration is required. Register here.

thinking#2 will be followed directly on by a kin social.  If you’d like to attend the kin socialyou’ll need to register separately.  For further information click here.

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