Sign board at Jelly Liverpool

Jelly Liverpool – digital meet up

Liverpool’s digital sector were treated to a pop up office…. well that’s how we were described by Leaf Liverpool on their in-house signage and to be honest we quite like it.

Pop up office perfectly describes what Jelly Liverpool is all about, a temporary space that becomes your office for the day.   Many people were taking the opportunity of this digital gathering to have business meetings and talk about collaborations for their creative startup, one regular was more than happy to demonstrate to others his web design skills for a national education charity. It was great to see so many new faces especially as most of our coding regulars were off for their summer vacation. One highlight of today was the attendance of Phil Rigby, you can hear him here discussing Liverpool’s innovation network.

Picking out noteables attending Jelly is not something we normally do but as we have just done it with Phil here is another, it was good to see Adrian McEwen Liverpool’s very own King of the Internet of Things make an appearance.

Jelly Liverpool is back on the 4th September, booking is available very the home page.

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