Another great day at Jelly Liverpool with 30-40 people coming along to join in the team spirit at Leaf Cafe, we had all sorts of creative and digital freelancers present.  We had experts  in Worpress, Drupal and others with development skills, sitting alongside those with illustration and graphic skills – so it was a great mix.

Unfortunately a power cut half way through the day meant that we started to lose people early as they left for brighter climbs – as in places that had lights and power, as half of Bold Street was plunged into darkness.  The hardened freelancer was not going to be put off by this as battery life was used and for unknown reasons the coffee machine was still working downstairs so we were happy in the end. And of course as soon as we closed up the power came back on as is always the way.

The next Jelly Liverpool

This is going to be on the 15th November and is gong to be in conjunction with Kin2Kin Liverpool and ACME.

As Kin2Kin are having a networking event at the end of day Jelly Liverpool with be wrapping up early so that Kin2Kin can set up early for their second Thinking Event. There is a bit more information about this on Defnet Media’s site

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