Are you looking to get out of the house and expand your network – or maybe you just want to see different walls to the ones that you stare at everyday – then Jelly is just for you. We attract a wide variety of freelance professionals from all sorts of sectors, from new startups to well established small businesses. And there is always a space and a welcome for new people.

Being a freelancer can be a hard world in which to work so come along and get some moral support.

Jelly is really easy going – we don’t force people to network, in fact if you don’t want to talk to anyone then you don’t have to, except for maybe a hello for the organisers.

We have free desk space, free wifi and free coffee at our venue on Thursday. We’re open from 9.30 till 5pm.

Even when you can’t make it to Jelly then you will wish that you had – from our resident HR expert Anna who couldn;t make it last week.

You can register below and we look forward to seeing you.


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